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Design is Attitude LLC about design, luxury, beauty and lifestyle. Its ethos extends to the luxury brand Stilettissimo which it owns.

At the same time the company is about Branding & Communication, Social Media & Marketing, and about Business Creation.

We are happy to support your business.

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The entire branding process starts with the product and your brand values.

This is how we can support you:

Create and activate your innovation plan to make you and your product stand out

Create and develop your innovative product concepts, provide strategic recommendations and suggest audacious ideas

Drive and coordinate your product development process

Establish, update, drive your branding concept, deliver compelling presentations

Plan and create your visual content




Your marketing strategy naturally follows your products, brand values and your target customers.

This is how we can support you:

Develop, execute, control your marketing & content strategy based on your customer journey to improve visibility
Online or offline

Support your marketing calendar, to make sure the execution takes place at the right place at the right time

Plan, activate, create your brand content and all storytelling assets

Design, manage, launch and optimise your marketing campaigns;
social media, newsletter or print




We have created, run and successfully sold companies. These activities provided unique skills and knowledge.

This is how we can support you:

Identify and evaluate new business opportunities and areas of growth

Spot and develop opportunities and prospects

Coordinate and negotiate proposals in cooperation in line with your guidelines

Create, develop and describe solutions for your customers

Establish compelling customer presentations











Brigitte Kobi is an entrepreneur by heart, experienced in many different fields and has lived and worked in various (exotic) parts of the world.

While she started her journey in the IT industry many years ago, her positions, business ventures and studies have made her a Pro in Branding & Communication, Social Media & Marketing, and in Business Creation.

For as long as she remembers she loved beautiful things, which is why she always had a keen interest for design.

Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that her latest endeavour is the luxury footwear brand Stilettissimo. Design your step.









Brigitte Kobi - CEO

Design Is Attitude LLC
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Design Is Attitude LLC
Badenerstrasse 595
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